Summer 2021 Real Estate Market Forecasts

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Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. The housing market is still hot and that trend is expected to continue throughout 2021. U.S. News published an article at the beginning of April 2021 about the summer housing market expectations. Some changes are expected, but overall it is anticipated to continue on an upward trajectory. The factors contributing to the positive market are:

  • Low-interest rates. Although interest rates may rise slightly, they are expected to remain low and ideal for buyers.
  • The desire for more space among homebuyers will continue to drive the market.

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  • Due to increased new construction and sellers deciding to put their homes on the market, inventory is expected to increase, but the market is expected to remain favorable for sellers.
  • The suburbs and smaller markets will continue to see most of the focus as many are moving out of cities. However, the quick vaccine rollout will offer some revival of the real estate market in larger cities.


Whether you are a buyer, seller, or home builder looking for a bit of acreage to build speculation homes, Stutesman Action Realty has many real estate options for you. For example, this six-acre parcel subdivided into three, two-acre lots located in Fort Scott, Kansas is perfect to build three spec homes to meet buyer demand.

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Yes, there are many factors pointing to a seller’s market, but there are just as many favoring buyers such as the low-interest rates, remote working opportunities allowing people to live in areas that they would not otherwise be able to live. Stutesman’s Action Realty knowledgeable and professional real estate agents are ready to assist you in both Missouri and Kansas. Call 833.286.8400 to reach one of the three offices located in Nevada, Missouri, Lamar, Missouri, and Fort Scott, Kansas.


Avoid the Headache & Hire a Real Estate Professional

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The growth of social media and real estate websites has had many positive impacts on selling and buying real estate but not without some negative impacts. Yes, it has given us the convenience of scrolling through thousands of homes at all hours of the day. On the other hand, many people have attempted to buy and/or sell real estate solo resulting in headaches for many. On the front end the saving the real estate commission sounds like a great idea, however, more often than not, going at it alone comes with many obstacles that many are not equipped to deal with. Real estate agents are used to dealing with these issues and know how to avoid many of them such as scams and incorrect or missing paperwork.

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They can also help you prepare a purchase contract agreement that will protect you, alert you if a home is priced over market value of if an offer is too low, and more. Other benefits to hiring a real estate professional are:

  • Recommend trustworthy lenders.
  • Often has knowledge of soon-to-be listings before they are exposed on the open market.
  • They help buyers prepare a solid offer by guiding them on a fair sales price reflective of the market.  
  • Help buyers and sellers negotiate price. A real estate professional is knowledgeable about prices that are reflective of the actions of buyers and sellers in the market.
  • Attend a home inspection on your behalf.
  • Negotiate repairs, if necessary. If damages or repairs are found, an agent will negotiate for the seller to fix all repairs before closing.
  • Communicates with the seller’s or buyer’s agent
  • Help you get to closing. The mortgage process is complicated, but a real estate professional will make sure you get to closing and move into your new home.
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If you are thinking of buying or selling a home or other real estate, contact Stutesman Action Realty at one of the three convenient locations, 1.833.286.8400. You will be glad you avoided the headache of trying to do it all on your own. Let the professionals do the work for you and make the process a smooth one.


Taking the Worries Out of the Home Buying Process

Home buying can be a scary and overwhelming process. For most, purchasing a home is the largest investment a person will make. Therefore, it is no surprise that people tend to get nervous about such a large commitment. Here are a few tips to ease your worries:

  • Hiring the right real estate agent is one of the first and most important steps you will take in the home buying process. Choose a real estate professional that is experienced, knowledgeable about the market, and willing to remain your trusted real estate advisor. Tell your agent what you are looking for and about your budget requirements. It is important to have professional real estate representation when you find the perfect home and want to make an offer to assure you are entering the right contract for you. Did you know that a real estate professional can assist you in purchasing a For Sale By Owner (FSBO)? Many FSBOs are willing to work with a buyer’s agent even though they are not using a selling broker.
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  • Pre-approval from a mortgage lender is the next step. Once pre-approved, a lender will write you a letter of pre-approval. Being pre-approved lets sellers know you are serious about purchasing their property.
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  • Start touring properties. Your real estate agent will schedule showings and assist you in finding the perfect home based on your specification. These showings can either be in-person or virtually. The COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted the real estate industry forward several years when it comes to virtual showings. They have become one of the most popular ways to initially view a home.  Just let your real estate agent know that you want a virtual showing, and he or she will set it up and tour the home with you virtually. This is also a perfect way for out-of-town purchasers to view homes before they are able to come to town.
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  • Once you find your dream home, your real estate agent will prepare a competitive offer to get you the best deal and will guide you through negotiations and help with a seamless closing experience.

When you are ready, Stutesman’s Action Realty is ready to serve you. The real estate agents pride themselves on excellence and constantly surpassing the expectations of their clients. Call 1.833.226.8400 to reach one of the three branches located in Missouri and Kansas.


Kris McCullough


Kris L. McCullough

Real Estate Salesperson Missouri

Office: 417-667-8400

Mobile: 417-549-0063

Kris McCullough has always believed that no matter what you desire in life as long as you put in 100% effort and make wise decisions you can make your dreams become reality.

Kris has grown up in Nevada and has had a firm commitment to improving the community. Always seeing the potential in people and the houses they want to turn into homes.

As a builder/contractor in the area for over 15 years and owner of McCullough Designs LLC. for 8 years, Kris knows the meaning of hard work. Building and remodeling homes and working diligently with homeowners, helping them achieve their perfect housing environment, and building relationships with others in the industry has prepared him for the next step in his career “Real Estate Professional”

Kris has many hobbies, he likes to consider himself a hobbyist. In the spring and summer when he’s not working he enjoys kayak fishing, golfing, and spending time at a family cabin. Several weekends in the fall usually consist of upland pheasant hunting in South Dakota. He gets his creativity flowing at the “Labyrinth of Fear” haunted house, where he helps with art development, props, and maze structures for October.

Let Kris’s home builder experience help you find your perfect house or market it to get you to where you want to be!


Take Advantage of Historically-Low Interest Rates

Interest rates are at historic lows and you certainly don’t want to miss out on your opportunity to take advantage of them. The best way to capitalize on these rates is to purchase that new home or tract of land you’ve always dreamed of.

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Although home prices have been rising in many parts of the country due to increased demand, it’s still a good time to buy your first home or upgrade to another one to meet the current demands of your family. By going ahead with the purchase transaction now, you may be able to lock in one of the lowest interest rates in many years. The locked in interest rates give you peace of mind that the payments will remain the same throughout the life of the loan.

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The pandemic has also brought about another unforeseen home buyer — those looking to purchase a second home or rural recreation/hunting tracts of land. Many people are making these real estate purchases to take the place of vacation plans given the uncertainty surrounding future travel.

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Interest rates are expected to remain low throughout 2021, but that is difficult to predict. The time is now to take advantage of these rates. Stutesman Action Realty has a variety of property types to fit every buyer’s needs. From large dream homes situated on 50+ acres to gently rolling grassland acreages complete with a horse barn, riding arena, and fencing to that commercial business you’ve always dreamed of owning. The time is right. Call 1.833.286.8400 to reach any of the three Stutesman Action Realty offices.


It’s a Sellers’ Market, but Should Buyers be Discouraged?

You have heard that the pandemic created a sellers’ market in 2020. What exactly does a “sellers’ market” mean? Basically, it means that the demand for homes is higher than the supply in the market. How can this be when unemployment rates were at all-time highs? There are a couple of reasons.

  1. Many sellers that had their homes listed prior to the pandemic, pulled the listings off the market to wait and see if there were going to be any adverse impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. When sellers pulled listings, this immediately decreased the supply of available homes in the market creating a shortage.
  2. The historically low interest rates encouraged buyers to go ahead and make that new home purchase they had been thinking about.

Experts agree there are many other reasons like a mass move out of bigger cities, residents that were forced to stay at home realized they needed bigger living spaces and more conducive to remote working and schooling, and the list goes on. The bottom line is that residential home sales in most areas have come out a winner in this pandemic.

Does this mean that buyers should be discouraged from purchasing real estate? Absolutely not! However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t low ball your offer. A seller’s market is no time to do that. Work with a real estate agent and have them conduct a comparative market analysis and make a reasonable offer based upon your findings. A comparative market analysis examines similar properties that have recently sold.

Finally, working with a real estate agent will help you navigate the market. A real estate professional will help you negotiate deals and guide you through the entire process. Stutesman’s Action Realty will always treat you fairly showing consideration for your time and giving you all the truthful facts and information to help you throughout the entire real estate transaction process. Call today and put your new real estate team to work for YOU!


Selling Your Home in the Winter

Winter isn’t usually thought of as “the season” to sell a home, but home sales have gradually increased across all seasons. While it may be true that people tend to stay indoors when the weather is cold and wet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sell your home. In fact, one positive that came from the COVID-19 pandemic is that it really pushed virtual showings forward. Like all other businesses, real estate professionals were forced to rethink how they conducted business to adhere to social distancing and/or lockdowns. Real estate professionals are used to adapting and overcoming whether it be the colder months or a pandemic.

Check out these helpful tips for selling your home during the winter:

  • It is true that the cold weather keeps some people home and now we have the pandemic making it more important than ever to have a great online listing. Clients respond especially well to 3D home tours.
  • It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, if a home isn’t priced according to market demand it won’t sell. A home priced in accordance to what buyers are actually paying in you market will sell much faster. The best way to determine a market price is to use recent sales comparables from your market.
  • Hire the right agent. You want to find someone that you are comfortable working with and a professional at his or her job. The right agent will also give you a great online listing presence and help determine an appropriate market value for your home.

Don’t let the season determine if you are selling your home. Now is the time. Interest rates are low and there is a shortage of inventory. If you are looking to sell or purchase a home this winter, give Stutesman Action Realty a call. There are three locations to better serve you: Nevada, Missouri, 417.667.8400; Ft. Scott, Kansas, 833.286.8400; and Lamar, Missouri, 833.286.8400.


Pandemic Hot Real Estate

If there is a silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that the residential real estate market is hot. Demand is outweighing supply making it very much a seller’s market. If you have been thinking about selling your home, now is the time. Much of the market’s increase has to do with the all-time-low interest rates, but demands in the local market served by Stutesman’s Action Realty (Southwest Missouri, and Southeast Kansas) can be attributed to the sudden “stay at home” orders from various government entities.

What types of properties are pandemic hot?

  • Smaller second- and third-tier cities located outside urban areas have seen an increase in market activity amidst the pandemic and perhaps a market winner. An article published in The Business Times stated that these cities are “in a better position as the pandemic wanes.” Cities that promote healthy living such as the Northwest Arkansas, Southwest Missouri, and Southeast Kansas areas abundant with hiking, cycling, walking and many other outdoor activities with the gorgeous landscape backdrop are increasingly interesting buyers from much larger fast-paced areas.
  • Real estate with acreage to accommodate a home site, hobby farming, and/or recreational property have had an increased interest with buyers from large metropolitan areas. Many buyers are looking for off-grid living and get back to nature.
  • Americans were forced to slowdown and rethink how they live. Pre-COVID, many American families were busy working and rushing from one kid activity to the next (I’m not judging, trust me, I was doing the same thing) and suddenly those busy schedules were disrupted. In the beginning, we weren’t quite sure what to think of all this free time on our hands, but the longer the pandemic has gone on and events have been cancelled, the more we realize that we kind of like nesting at home. Many buyers are looking for larger homes and/or homes with more outdoor space to continue their newly found love of staying home.

Stutesman’s Action Realty has multiple properties in this pandemic hot market. Properties range from beautifully restored homes, home sites with acreages, commercial and agricultural/recreational land. If you are thinking of buying a property, the interest rates are great and if you are thinking of selling, it’s certainly a seller’s market in this area. For your next real estate transaction, you can trust Stutesman’s. Call today to speak to a real estate professional.


Selling Your Home During a Pandemic

No one can deny that these last several months have been anything short of normal. If it were possible to never hear the phrase, “unprecedented times” ever again would be fantastic. I think it’s safe to say that most of us were happy living in the precedented times. However, it’s unclear if and when things will ever get back to pre-COVID-19 times. One thing is for certain, life goes on and we must find a way to move forward. This is evident in how hot the housing market is right now. Most areas are experiencing a shortage of housing inventory making this very much a seller’s market.

Some things may have changed during the listing and selling process, but nothing that can’t be tackled. Besides those fantastic interest rates, another positive aspect that has emerged in real estate is the use of social media and live videos. Many agents show properties via Facebook Live, IGTV, or FaceTime. If a potential buyer wants to see a home in person, homeowners are asking that masks be worn and hands sanitized as people enter their homes. Don’t feel bad for asking this of a buyer and real estate agents, it is your personal choice when inviting a stranger into your home.

Although there is a pandemic going on, don’t let that hold you back on buying or selling your home. Those interest rates are.. ehem… ”unprecedented.” Sorry for the use of the word, but this time it’s good! Thinking of buying or selling? Give Stuteman’s Action Realty a call or check out the website to find your dream home.


Shannon Callaghan

Shannon Callaghan

Associate KS & MO

Office: 417-667-8400
Phone: 816-806-4703

I am a Kansas City native and recently relocated to Nevada. I have fallen in love with the community here. My husband Brian and I have 3 kids, Hunter, Myles, and McKenzie. We also have a mini dachshund named Jac. I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, going on vacations, and watching the kids in their various activities. We attend church at Heartland Baptist Fellowship and volunteer at the rescue mission in Harrisonville, MO. I graduated from Heritage College with a degree in exercise science. I was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for several years while working for an insurance company assisting the underwriter. My dream for becoming a realtor was born when we started searching for a new home. I enjoyed the process of looking at houses and thought I would love to help people find their dream home. Helping guide you home!