How are we doing?

How are we doing?

"Good Morning! I want to tell you about a wonderful asset you have on your team.. Scott Theis! You see when i contacted him I  was at my wits end, had rented for years a terrible apt with a landlord from you know where! I had heard horror stories about buying a house so I never wanted to be in that situation but here I was. From the second I heard his upbeat, encouraging voice my my fears subsided. Scott was more than a realtor he was part of the family who cared about what I needed not just interested in selling a house! Due to my back injury Scott toured the houses for me, he took the time to know what I needed. He didn't just work on my house 9-5, he also worked evenings and weekends until we had the perfect home. Even the paperwork was a snap ( not a stubborn computer and my inept computer skills could slow him down!) Scott knew I desperate needed out of my situation and he created a miracle for me in record speed! His compassion, professionalism, dedication and genuine honesty is a breath of fresh air. If you are interested in buying a house and getting the right one Scott is your guy! Thank you for having such a wonderful representative to stand for your company, Scott is the best!"

-Chris Messer

As the owner and Broker of Stutesman's Action Realty - I understand that hard work & persistence is necessary and a duty of an agent assisting their clients. Thank you - Scott Theis for going the distance to assist & protect your clients best interest.

how are we doing
Scott Theis, Kim Messer, Nathan Mayberry

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