Jenifer’s Guarantee

Jennifer's Guarantee

“Going the Distance For You” Top left – Diane Earll, Penne Moore, Ronda Berryhill, Amanda Bourassa, Lisa Wasson. Bottom Left Brandy Gruenhagen, Jennifer Stutesman Yarsulik Broker/ Owner, Scott Theis

When you call 417-667-8400 and reach out to Stutesman’s Action Realty agents, you will hear a friendly warm voice – a real estate professional eager to assist and happy to answer questions. As the Broker & Owner –  I am asked questions about my office and the agents that place their license with Stutesman’s.

It’s common for folks to say things such as “your atmosphere is so different here – not only are you friendly, and helpful plus  everyone in your office works as a team.”

The difference is simple not only do we care about people we truly believe that our job is making an impact on lives we touch. Whether that be helping you find a home, selling your property or showing you the many avenues available in getting a loan. Finding a lender that will work for you and treat you with respect regardless of your credit. Life hits us all in different ways & we are not perfect and it shows in credit scores that make it difficult. My agents put a plan in place to assist you in organizing your finances & taking care of blemishes that have slowed you down.

As the broker I am 100% confident and 100% sure that my agents are not only friendly, Professional  they are knowledgeable and  well educated to know the ins and outs of the contracts, from the process to the inspections.  Again  100% certain they are best at negotiating your transaction. Each and every agent in my office reach out to one another if they have questions or concerns.

Integrity is our core treating each other and our partners fairly and it’s simply about SERVICE. We are here to serve our clients and going the distance to do just that is what we do! You have my GUARANTEE !

Jennifer Stutesman Yarsulik
Broker / Owner of Stuteman’s Action Realty serving customers & clients for 26 years.

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