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A Lifelong Philosophy of Success

The little plaque may be weathered with age, but the words are just as powerful as the first time Jennifer Stutesman read them. “Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow,” is a phrase that brings Jennifer back to her childhood and the warmth of her parents’ kitchen, where the plaque still proudly hangs. While growing up, she remembers seeing the words whenever she grabbed a snack or was baking cookies with her mom. But it was their meaning that Jennifer took to heart and still does in her life today.

Jenifer enjoys passing down traditions...

A Positive Philosophy

Looking back, this local businesswoman recognizes that she wasn’t the only one touched by this phrase. Her own parents followed this positive philosophy during her youth and instilled in Jennifer a strong sense of optimism and happiness that she has carried throughout her life. Born in Kansas City, Jennifer grew up in the country. She enjoyed a loving family relationship and somewhat of an idyllic lifestyle, riding her green Suzuki motorcycle and playing with her older brother on their family’s farm.

The Quality of Life

Although she initially studied business, Jennifer soon shifted gears to pursue a career in fashion merchandising. With her energetic, outgoing personality and positive approach, she was a natural in assuming the role of assistant manager for a retail store in Kansas City while going to school full-time. However, she later realized this wasn’t her calling, and transitioned into a career processing residential loans. Jennifer and her family later decided a smaller, closer-knit community would better serve their family—prompting their move back to Nevada. The great quality of life here is something Jennifer never takes for granted, whether she’s puttering around in her garden or she is rooting for one of her children—Trent and Alissa—at one of their events.

Quality Time with Kids

Inspiring Words

For Jennifer, the positive philosophy of learning from yesterday and living for today has made a definite impact on her both personally and professionally. It’s perhaps fitting that in turn, Jennifer has chosen her career in real estate to make a positive impact on the lives of others. As an accomplished agent as well as the respected broker of Stutesman’s Action Realty, Jennifer’s belief in taking care of people and putting their needs first is making a lasting impact on local residents in Nevada and the Vernon County area.

A Lasting Impact

With both her father and grandfather as builders and a solid family history in construction, Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable about the local market and the inventory of available homes.

Explaining the market

Jennifer making an impact on your next Move!

She does her homework when it comes to helping a buyer find the right home or maximizing a home’s exposure for a seller. From her sound business expertise to her high ethic and moral standards, Jennifer is a true professional who believes in treating the needs and goals of your family with the same care and attention she would her own.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Nevada or in the Vernon County area, trust Jennifer to make A Lasting Impact on your next move by achieving your real estate goals. Call or text  her today 417.667.1097 , email

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