Penne Moore


Penne Moore

Associate, Kansas & Missouri


Office: 417-667-8400


Stable and “all in” are Penne’s order of business.  Born and raised in Nevada, and married in 1980 to her high school sweetheart, Dusty.  They were presented in 1988,  the opportunity to purchase the farm where Dusty’s maternal grandmother was born and raised.  They have happily raised two amazing children, Sam and Emily and a plethora of animal species.  And now her greatest thrill, two granddaughters come visit on Sundays. (and any other time they can all find time in their schedules)

Dusty and Penne also own Kitchen Center from where they sell cabinets, countertops, tile and more. Dusty is a talented re-modeler, specializing in Kitchen and Bath remodel. Their partnership runs deep.


Penne was introduced to the art of Real Estate when her Grandparents bought and rehabbed properties for rentals.  That tradition was continued by her parents.  She and Dusty have continued the family tradition.

Her interest in becoming a Real Estate Agent was inspired when she was employed by Farm & Home Savings and Loan in the Loan Service Department.  While she spent most of her career there in the foreclosure side of loans, she also spent a few months in the branch office helping originate loans and experiencing the excitement of new buyers, the mountains of papers demanded for the mortgage, and the dedication of the Real Estate Professionals that made all that possible.

Owning her other business, Office Services, for just over 10 years, Penne made the decision in late 2011 that she was ready to pursue her Real Estate Career.  Like so many other plans, God laughs.

In 2012, both children were married.  Daughter Emily and Blake in February, and Son, Sam and Kristina in October.  Emily and Blake also blessed the family with the birth of Briley in 2012.  In 2014 they again blessed the family with the addition of Allison.

During the 2013 break, Penne was able to carve out a piece of time for herself and became a Licensed Real Estate Agent.  

Since becoming licensed, Penne has worked with both buyers and sellers with the same enthusiasm and passion as she presents in all the other areas of life.  One of the most gratifying aspects of this business is being a part of these personal, major milestones, in strangers and acquaintences that be come true friends along the path, of buying or selling their homes.  Penne feels both honored and blessed to be part of the transaction.

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