The Effects of Current Mortgage Interest Rates

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You have seen the news; the housing market has more buyers than sellers creating a shortage of inventory for buyers ready to take advantage of those low interest rates. But why are the interest rates such a big deal when home prices are on the rise? Interest rates have a big role in making up a home’s level of affordability. Even with the increase in home prices, the low interest rates play a vital role in determining how much you will spend on your home in the long term. Quicken Loans has a great read about whether the home’s purchase price or interest rate is more important. In the article, they gave a great example of how important an interest rate is on a home’s affordability level even with an increase in home values.

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Janet purchased her home for $250,000 and paid 10% down resulting in a $225,000 mortgage. Her interest rate was 6% giving her a payment of about $1,349 per month for a 30-year mortgage. Paying the loan for the entire duration of the 30-year mortgage equates to a total of $260,363 in interest.

Janet sold her home to Joe for $300,000. He also put 10% down giving him a mortgage of $270,000; however, his interest rate is only 4% (a full 2% below Janet’s). Although he paid more for the home than she did, his monthly payment will only be $1,289 ($60 lower than Janet’s). In addition, he will only pay $194,048 in interest over the life of the 30-year loan. That is a whopping savings of $66,315 in interest expense. From this example, you can see that an increase in home prices does not necessarily equate to a home being unaffordable, which is why buyers are jumping on these low interest rates. In a nutshell, they are able to buy more house for less money.

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If you are thinking of buying or selling, the time is now. Sellers are getting top dollar for their homes and buyers are getting great interest rates increasing the affordability of homes. Although the Feds have indicated interest rates won’t go up until 2022, why wait? Your dream home could be waiting for you now! released the first quarter of 2021 housing stats revealing that “homes are selling at historical speed, with the time on market dropping to a low of 43 days.” If you are thinking of listing or selling your home, give Stutesman Action Realty a call, 833.286.8400 to reach one of the three offices located in Nevada, Missouri, Lamar, Missouri, and Fort Scott, Kansas.