Remote Working Has Proven to Be Successful in Allowing Ease of Moving

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Thanks to the pandemic fast-forwarding remote working, many people have been given the opportunity to move their residences without compromising their careers and salary. A large number have taken full advantage and moved to places they thought would be possible only after retirement or at the cost of their salaries.  

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According to PwC in a January 12, 2021 article titled, “It’s Time to Reimagine Where and How Work Will Get Done,” remote work has been overwhelmingly successful for both employees and employers. In just one year, employers’ attitudes about the success of remote work jumped from 73% to 83%. Both employers and employees agree that productivity has improved due to remote work. The pandemic certainly accelerated the possibility of remote work for people and these survey findings prove that it can successfully work to benefit both employees and employers.

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Have you been afforded the opportunity to work from home and have considered moving your family to areas with a lower cost of living, slower pace, and bigger possibilities of owning your dream home? Based upon income data and home prices compiled a list of the 15 least expensive states to buy a home. Both Kansas and Missouri made the list. The Missouri median home price falls around $157,000 of which is roughly 12% of the typical household income. The average household earns approximately $72,000 annually. Neighboring Kansas has an average home price of $152,000, which is about 11% of the median household income. To make your move to one of these beautiful states, contact Stutesman Action Realty today, 833.286.8400.