Making the Best Offer on Your Dream Home

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The housing market has been and continues to be competitive for buyers. The demand is outpacing supply in many areas resulting in buyers losing out on their dream home by not making the best offer possible. As a buyer, it is important to make a good offer. A few tips to keep in mind when you are ready to make that offer on your dream home are:

  1. Knowing your budget is crucial to making a valid offer. It’s just like buying a car or anything else, you know what you can afford and that’s what you are willing to spend. Find a lender you trust and get pre-approved before you begin your search. This will take some pressure off you and let the seller know that you are serious with a pre-approval letter in hand. Pre-approval also lets you act quickly when you’ve found the perfect home.
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  • Speaking of acting quickly, when you’ve found the home of your dreams, make an offer as quickly as possible before someone else does.
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  • A real estate professional is one of your best assets. They will help you throughout the entire process from showing you homes to the day of closing. Their expertise and experience is valuable as they will help you make an offer in your best interest.
  • A real estate professional will help you develop a strong, fair offer. They have access to information such as recent sales trends in the area for similar homes and help you determine the market value of the home.
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Making a strong offer is an important step in owning that dream home. Contact one of Stutesman’s Action Realty’s real estate professionals to help you make your best offer that will ultimately lead to buying your dream home, 833.286.8400.