Many of us dream of owning a home one day but do not know how to start! Look, it isn't easy. In this economy, we all understand the difficulties of buying nearly anything! However, with some hard work, determination, and strategic saving, you can reach your down payment goals before you know it.

We have five ways to reach your down payment goals in just a year or two. However, obviously, the timeframe can vary based on your budget, bills, and other such things that make all of our situations unique. These are just five ways to get yourself started and hopefully reach those goals soon!

1.   Set up monthly automatic transfers from your checking to savings account

Think of it as a bill you have to pay every month just like rent, a car payment, or entertainment accounts. It doesn’t have to be huge, but definitely is a surefire way to make sure you get that money into your savings.

2.  Put aside your raises, bonuses, and tax refunds

If you got a raise for your job, monthly/year bonus, or a tax refund, consider putting that extra cash aside to get that down payment moving on up.

3.   Reduce your expensive vacations

This would be a hard one for me. I am definitely a traveling type girl, and I love Europe. I ‘ve been to several countries over there, and I have loved it, but I will say it is quite expensive. Consider staycations or more local places to explore!

4.   Reduce monthly expenses

You know your coffee shop trip that happens every morning? Think about reducing your trips to the coffee shop for a little bit. Maybe cut down on streaming services you don’t use as often and skip those unnecessary Target trips. Little sacrifices like these can help you reach those goals easily!

5.   Side hustle

If you can’t afford to put any of your full-time job money aside to save, then pick up a side hustle. If you have a special skill like graphic design, language skills, ridesharing, or something else of the sorts, make some cash that way. I am a big fan of the side hustle myself, as it is how I afford to travel!

These five ways can really help jumpstart the down payment on your future home.